Parking, Shuttle, & Bike Trails

The International Festival is located at Hillandale Park, 801 Hillandale Ave, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801

Free Park & Ride shuttle buses will run from three sites this year to Hillandale Park (Click for directions):

First Church of the Brethren ( 315 S Dogwood Dr),
Westover Park (305 S. Dogwood Drive)
JMU’s Memorial Hall (395 S. High Street) parking lots C7, C8, R9, C 13.
Harrisonburg Mennonite Church (1552 S High St)

Bus schedule will start at 12:00AM with service every 15-20 minutes throughout the day till 6:40PM. Buses will run continuous loops throughout the day, stopping at all four pick up sites, unloading at the Festival and returning.

On-site parking is available ONLY for handicapped or HOV4 (high occupancy vehicles with 4 or more riders).  All other attendees must use our free shuttle bus service. Bikers and walkers may also access the Park from the dead-end of South Avenue via an off-road trail (see information link below). Golf cart shuttles (marked with handicap stickers) will be available for those needing rides on the grounds. They will run between the main entrance and shelter 12 throughout the day.

Bike Trail access to the Festival:
We are excited about the access to the Park via bike trails and invite you to make use of them as a way to ease parking concerns and to keep our community green. You may find a great printable map here of the Rocktown Bike Trail into Hillandale Park.