20th Harrisonburg International Festival 

Saturday, September 30th, 2017.12:00-6:00pm, Hillandale Park. Harrisonburg, Va

Art Vendor

To start your registration process as an art vendor at the 2017 Festival, please submit the following interest form:

After this form is completed, the Festival’s Art Vendor Coordinator will follow up with you with more information about your acceptance, registration process, and day of the event logistics. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at internationalfestival@fairfieldcenter.org

Thank you for your interest in sharing your international cuisine at the 20th Harrisonburg International Festival, we hope you will have a successful day showcasing your amazing talents in art, music, dance, and delicious foods that come from our rich cultural traditions.



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Art Vendor Guidelines

Application Process
All interested art vendors must complete the interest form. Applications will be reviewed by the Festival organizers and notify you of your acceptance. Due to the number of applications, we reserve the right to reject applications. Deadline to submit applications is August 31th, 2016. The Art Vendor Coordinator will contact you directly to inform you about your acceptance to the Festival and guide you through the registration process.

Payment Method
We accept payment through the following methods:

  • By Mail (Check/M.O)
  • By phone with credit card
  • Online with Donor Snap Form

Check in/out:

  • Setup for the Art Vendors starts at 9:00AM: All vendors should be completely set up and ready by 11:00AM for Festival Supervisors to approve your location and materials.
  • There will be designated spaces in the park for vendors to park their vehicles. Art Vendor Coordinator will designate these spaces at your arrival. NO Cars or trucks are allowed to park at shelter 12 during the festival as this lot will be used for handicapped shuttle service.
  • Please note: Vendors will not be allowed to leave the park until the event is over and the road is cleared of major pedestrian traffic. (Beginning approximately at 6:30pm) Coordinator will give you green light to exit the park. 

During the Event

  • The International Festival is a rain or shine event so there are no refunds and we are not responsible for damages, injuries, or loss. Please plan accordingly for insurance coverage and equipment to protect your work as you deem necessary.
  • In the spirit of the Festival’s mission to be a family-friendly intercultural event that embraces and celebrates our community’s diverse cultural traditions, and seeks to build bridges of connection, respect, mutual understanding. No politically or religiously partisan, adversarial, disruptive, or objectionable content or messaging will be permitted as part of the festival. No real or toy weapons, drugs, or drug paraphernalia, or items that may be deemed harmful, contributing toward violence, or dangerous may be sold, carried, or promoted at the festival.
  • We also ask that all merchandise and art being displayed, or music offered be of a nature that is acceptable for young children to view or hear.
  • The Festival reserves the right to make judgments as to what is appropriate and consistent with the spirit of these guidelines and regulations and to ask you to remove such items as are deemed “not in compliance” or to ask you to leave or be escorted off the premises without compensation if these judgments and requests are not respected. We ask that any questionable items be cleared with us proactively in advance and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we seek to uphold these values that are important to us as a Festival.
  • When you come to Hillandale Park’s main entrance we will have a security gate and you must stop and identify yourself and your business and let them know you are an exhibitor in the World Bazaar. You will be directed on up the road towards Shelter 12. As you follow the road into Hillandale Park, the World Bazaar is on the left hand side in the grassy areas leading up to Shelter 12 and the Main Stage. Just before that Shelter 12 parking lot, look for Art Vendor Coordinator. They will let you know where to set up.
  • Booth placement for the Art Vendor will begin near Shelter 12 and run consecutively along the more level grassy areas towards the main entrance in order of exhibitor arrival. If you have a preference for a particular spot, you will need to wait until others have filled in the areas leading up to it, so the Bazaar is contiguous. We will have volunteers available to help you unload your car. 
  • As a reminder, the festival does not provide tents, tables or chairs so please plan accordingly to suit your needs especially in the event of wind or rain. Tents are not required, but if you bring your own tent please note that the fire department requires that all tents be set up at least 12 feet apart (including tie downs). Your space will be 10x10’ (10x15’ or 10x20’ according to registration payment) with open area accessible then on all sides. Remember there is no electricity available at the festival so plan accordingly. No generators allowed, though 12V batteries may be used.

*Note: We encourage you to use cultural decorations and background information to educate our attendees about the cultural roots and influences in your work. We also encourage use of traditional dress to enhance the intercultural atmosphere of the World Bazaar and to draw people to your booth.